If You Only…

Welcome to my blog.

I am a writer of erotic relationship dramas (fiction). My novels include uncomplicated stories for the rainy afternoon on the couch or on a sunny day on the beach.

My first novel, “If You Only …” was released in March 2014.

“If you Only …” Is about a story of a woman who moves away from her past and moves along a successful career path.


The novel “If you Only …” consists of three parts:

Part 1 – Isn’t It Time (7 chapters)

Part 2 – No Ordinary Love (8 chapters)

Part 3 – But, If You Only (14 chapters)

Kaft GB

“If you Only …”

Sonja Plattel is an independent woman, who has learned from her childhood onwards to take care and stand up for herself. By her appearance, she attracts men who find her appealing. She knows very well that she can manipulate her admirers, when it suits her. It is their problem. Sonja consumes them, as if she enjoys a gourmet meal.

She makes quite refined choices whether she invests in a relationship. Until she is consumed in a relationship herself, in which she denies that this is her true love. She repulses her passion by plunging deep into other relations, from which she knows by heart that the expiring date is very limited.

She adopts a new social class, which is not hers, but acclimates miraculously. Sonja cherishes the image that people have of her. Hardworking, decent, honest and loyal. The question is whether she is truly honest and loyal? Life is a continuous balancing between uninhibited momentary sex and passion.

On the other hand, is the momentary sex the only way to move towards acceptance of the passion and true love?

Als de Alleen...

Looking for an international publisher.


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